• elimination of oil/oil spills on water or in soil
  • additive for cement slurry
Intended for the following fields:
Industrial production of foam concrete
Oil and gas industry
Produced composition
Mixture of anionic surfactants with stabilizing and functional additives
Form of sales
Plastic containers in metal grates - 1000 l; Plastic barrels - 227 l; Plastic canisters - 21,5 l
Storage conditions
Store in airtight containers, do not allow direct sunlight. Transportation by any means of transport. Does not have any hazard class.
Shelf life
12 months
Product description

The foaming agent PB-Lux is an optimal mixture of anionic surfactants with stabilizing and functional additives.

It is used as a foaming agent in production of foam concrete. The product has high technological, economic and environmental characteristics.

PB-Lux gives stability to the foam concrete mass, which allows transporting the finished mass for considerable distances.

It is used in all known technologies of foam concrete production – using foam generators, “mixer” with different stirring means organization, barotechnology.

The PB-Lux foaming agent for foam concrete has passed all necessary tests and possesses necessary documents. PB-Lux is the first foaming agent, which has been certified to radiation safety standards for construction.

Operational advantages of the foaming agent

  • Universality. It is used in all known technologies of foam concrete production (classical technology, dry mineralization of foam, foam-baro technology). The frequency of foam generation varies from 5 to 50 changes in equipment settings. Allows getting foam concrete with the density of 350-1200 kg/m3.
  • Compatibility. Compatible with all organic and inorganic additives used to modify concrete.
  • Practicality. Contains all necessary components required to achieve high multiplicity and stability of foam. Can be easily dosed and mixed with water.
  • Stability. Foam stability coefficient in the cement test exceeds 0.95.

Economic advantages

  • Reduction of operating costs. The contribution of PB-Lux foaming agent cost into the cost of foam concrete varies from 2 to 10% of the cost of raw materials.
  • The best ratio in terms of aggregate price and quality service.

Ecological advantages

  • It causes no negative impact on the environment. Biologically soft product. The degree of biodegradation is above 90%.
  • Is a low hazardous substance. It belongs to the 4th class of hazard (the lowest in the classification) according to GOST 12.1.007.
  • Fire-explosively safe, not toxic. Leaks do not disturb the balance of the environment.
Main specifications
Indicator name Norm according to TU 2481-004-59586231-2005
Appearance Homogeneous liquid from light yellow to brown color
Smell Specific, inherent to the product
Density at 20°C, kg/m3 1040 – 1100
Product hydrogen index (pH) 8,0 – 10,5
Frequency of working solution foam with volume fraction of the product equal to 4%, not less than 7,0
Stability of foam in a technological environment Withstands trials
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Produced composition Liquid - from brown to black color, sediments are allowed
Form of sales Barrels/canisters - 200 l
Storage conditions Store in warehouses, away from fire sources
Shelf life 12 months
Produced composition White or slightly yellowish powder
Form of sales Bag 25kg; 1000kg
Storage conditions In closed warehouses, excluding the ingress of atmospheric precipitation and groundwater
Shelf life 24 months
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