Roshal chemical plant

Since 1996, we have been developing and producing chemical products for various sectors of economy.

We are the market leader in Russia in terms of providing solutions for the aviation industry.

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We have not only provided our own developments in 8 industries for 20 years of work and perfection, but are also developing turnkey solutions for needs of our customers.

The company was founded in 1996

30 000

tons of products are sold annually

10 000

tons holds our warehouse, these are the goods which are always in stock


More than 200 partners


AIL and AIR have a positive opinion of the State Environmental Expertise


Input control of raw materials and output control of finished products are carried out according to the following procedure of «Quality control»


AIL and AIR have international opinions and are recommended for use in Russia, Europe, USA, Canada and China


Domestic and international logistics implemented accurately and on time

Roshal Chemical Plant NORDIX is a modern high-tech enterprise of Russia, founded in 1996, which is a developer and manufacturer of chemical products for various industries.

The main products of the Roshal Chemical Plant "NORDIX" are:

  • Liquid anti-icing reagents;
  • Granular anti-incing reagents;
  • Anti-icing liquids for aircraft units;
  • Coolants and heat transfer liquids;
  • Acids;
  • Foaming agents for foam concrete;
  • Automobile chemical products and auto shampoos;
  • Chemical products for agriculture;
  • Cleaning agents; Household chemicals;
  • Chemical components for drilling fluids.

Currently, Roshal Chemical Plant "Nordix" is the market leader in the field of ready-made solutions for runway and aircraft maintenance in winter in Russia and CIS, its is a reliable supplier of coolants and acids for infrastructure facilities and food industry, a manufacturer of a wide range of automobile chemical products, automobile cleaning shampoos and household chemicals.

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