• intended for cleaning of pipelines, tanks, reservoirs, tanks of oil tankers, cargo tanks from oil pollution
Intended for the following fields:
Oil and gas industry
Produced composition
Transparent or slightly opalescent colorless or light yellow to light brown colored liquid
Form of sales
Eurocube / barrel / canister
Storage conditions
Enclosed, ventilated storage premises
Shelf life
12 months
Product description

It possesses high cleaning ability against contaminants in hard-to-reach locations and microcracks.

Application of RHZOL P is reasonable at facilities where mechanical cleaning devices can not be used, for example in pipelines of a variable diameter characterized by transitions and constrictions.

RHZOL P is a low-foaming product and is recommended for circulation (CIP) washing.

Effectiveness of RHZOL P has been confirmed by successful pilot works on cleaning of the underground pipeline from the residual oil in Kazakhstan in 2018.

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Produced composition Homogeneous liquid not having visible mechanical impurities
Form of sales Eurocube / barrel / canister
Storage conditions In a tightly closed container, avoiding penetration of foreign substances, influence of direct sunlight and atmospheric precipitation, at temperatures not below minus 50°C
Shelf life 24 months
Produced composition Homogeneous liquid from light yellow to brown color
Form of sales Eurocube / barrel / canister
Storage conditions In closed ventilated or open storage areas
Shelf life 12 months
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